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tesa cloth tape colors

tesa® 4651 Premium Cloth Tape

tesa® 4651: Powerful Cloth Tape for Most Applications   The tesa® 4651 is exactly the coworker your workday calls for....

Ryan Wismar: Converting Your Products with Expertise and Integrity

Holding Us Together with Something Stronger Than Tape When you join Walker Tape Converting, you quickly pick up on the...
9832 by 3M

3M™ Double Coated Tape 9832 & 9832HL

3M™ 9832: Double-Sided Tape for General Purposes and Porous Surfaces The 9832 by 3M™ offers a highly tacky and solvent-free...

Product Improvement Saves Money: A Case Study

Price √ Lead time √ Material √ Product Improvement . . . what? A handful of benchmarks exist to help you choose which adhesive tape...
tesa ACXplus 7054

ACXplus 7054 by tesa®: Clear Benefits of an Invisible Bond

ACXplus: The Highest Performing Line Made by tesa® When looking for a high-performance, double-sided tape with an acrylic core, it’s...
Avery Dennison's HPA™ 1902 and HPA™ 1905

HPA™ 1902 and 1905: Transfer Tapes for Challenging Applications

HPA™ 1902 and HPA™ 1905 Avery Dennison, with their High Performance Acrylic series, meets various industries’ needs for laminating tape solutions “that...

How To Tell If Your Adhesive Tape Converter Takes Advantage Of You

Let’s Say Your Adhesive Tape Converter Takes Advantage of You. Would You Know? Your converter quotes you a certain die...
tesa® 53315 filament tape

Filament Tape by tesa®: The Sturdy Choice to Various Applications

tesa® Filament Tape: The What Filament tape, or strapping tape, gets its name and strength from the thousands of filament...
Eight Unique Ways We Care For Our Customers

Eight Unique Ways We Care For Our Customers

Legacy Of Small Business: We Care About and We Care For Our Customers At first glance, the difference between saying...