In addition to standard forms of lamination, we also offer wide web lamination.

Wide web lamination is used for laminating together two materials that are wider than a conventional rotary machine can handle.  The width of what classifies a “wide web” lamination is open to interpretation, however, generally 18 inches.  Walker Tape Converting's machines can laminate products up to 60 inches wide at a capacity of 25,000 square yards of product per week, per shift, per machine.

We can also make completely custom tapes using existing transfer adhesives laminated to our own carrier, designed specifically for your unique application.


Don’t settle—using the right adhesive, paired with the right liner, can save you time and money.

Not only can we laminate to a wide variety of carriers (plastic, paper, etc.) we can also laminate two existing tapes together or use a transfer adhesive to create a completely new tape to perfectly suit your application.

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