Having your tape die-cut to the desired size and shape can save you time and money. Walker Tape Converting can die cut tape with a liner into whatever custom shape and size is needed for your application.

If the liner that comes on your tape is too flimsy for your application, rips easily, or doesn’t come off easily enough, we can replace the existing stock liner by laminating another liner in place.

The in-house design team at Walker Tape Converting can design custom packaging for your retail products. Need a logo? We can help professionally brand your retail products, too.

Walker Tape Converting can quickly and easily replace the liner that came stock on your tape with a more suitable material (or with a generic, non-branded liner).

Need tape cut to a custom length and width? We have a customized sheeter that lets us cut any length and any width up to 48 inches wide quickly and efficiently.

Walker Tape Converting can convert your tape to custom widths according to your specifications. We offer three slitting options: crush-cut, razor, and baloney.