If the liner that comes on your tape is too flimsy for your application, rips easily, or doesn’t come off easily enough, replacing it with another liner can provide the solution. Walker Tape Converting can efficiently and effectively replace the liners on tapes up to 6o inches wide.

We can also make our own differential tapes, with existing tapes and transfer adhesives (differential tapes are a double-sided tape that have completely different tapes on each side).  We can customize the tape’s carrier (the middle of the tape that holds the adhesive together) to suite custom needs.


Don’t settle—using the right adhesive, paired with the right liner, can save you time and money.

Replacing the liner on your own? If you’ve tried this yourself, you know it’s impossible to not have the tape stick out more to one side than the other when doing this by hand. Walker Tape Converting’s lamination processes offer excellent precision; we can laminate to a 5-6,000 thousands variance.

The Importance of Choosing the Correct Liner

When choosing or designing an adhesive tape, most people think about everything but the liner. Most people don’t actually realize the impact this has on their application. Often, people don’t realize all of the problems caused by using the wrong liner until they experience using the correct liner and see the difference. Using the correct…

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