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Introducing 3M™ Adhesive Tape 9088R by Walker Tape Converting

High Performance, High Production: The Best Value for a General-Purpose, Double-Sided Tape on a Red Film Liner   Today, we’re...

Differential Tapes by Avery Dennison

First Off, What Is a Differential Adhesive Tape?    Differentials are typically double-sided tapes that have two different adhesives on...

5 Reasons Why Businesses Choose Tape Over Glues

1) Tape Makes Your Production Process Faster    In basically every way possible, tape makes your production more efficient. Here...
Data Sheets Explained

Data Sheets, Explained

The 3 Parts to a Technical Data Sheet   Tape manufacturers pack essential details about each tape in documents called...
Laminating with tesa 52105 & 52110

Stick tesa® Transfer Tapes to Foams, Fabrics, & Floors

tesa® Water-Based Transfer Tapes: Great to Laminate With   When it comes to tesa’s water-based transfer tapes, we’re hooked.  ...

Keeping Your Employees and Customers Safe with Tape

Seal Used PPE & Other Contaminated Waste with Duct Tape   We’ve seen personal protective equipment (PPE) in the news...

Adhesive Tape Types: 5 Constructions

Researching tape can be tough. After all, it’s built on more than a century of breakthroughs in chemistry, physics, rheology,...
strengths and limitations of adhesives

Types of Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives

Demystifying Tape: Three Adhesive Families Pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA). Self-adhesives. Self-stick adhesives. The technology we know as tape goes by many...
4 steps to selecting a core series portfolio adhesive

Four Steps of the Core Series™ Portfolio

    Avery Dennison’s Core Series™: Simplifying Adhesive Converting Down to Four Helpful Steps   Over the years, we’ve formed...