Tapes in the electronics market are tasked with supporting and bringing about the industry’s constant innovations. Their invisible bonds give our touchscreens a clean, seamless look, while also offering practical advantages. Constantly exposed to weather changes, skin oils, and user-clumsiness, tapes must safeguard our expensive devices from accidents. So, depending on your project, you may need a tape solution that sticks to various surfaces, holds to curved or irregular shapes, seals against moisture and chemicals, or offers anti-lifting properties and impact resistance.

Common tape applications in electronics include:

  • Bonding (antenna module, bezel, camera lens, monitor panel, touch panel, name plate)
  • Display protection
  • Gap sealing
  • Lens protection
  • Mouse construction
  • Shock Absorption
  • Speaker cover attachment
  • Waterproofing
  • Wearable device construction

To ensure we design a tape that meets your needs, we consider what substrates it interacts with, the variable environmental conditions, the production processes, etc.

Our relationships with leading tape manufacturers give us access to the strongest and best-performing permanent tapes in the world. We can source solutions for whatever challenging substrates you’re up against, be it high or low surface energy, porous, rough, uneven, etc.

And we have the equipment and skills to design adhesives specifically for your project. For example, we can create custom differential tapes with each side optimized for a different surface. And, of course, we can convert any tape to whatever size and shape you need.

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