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Supporting an Industry of innovation and change

The electronics industry is constantly innovating, upgrading and changing. Tape solutions for this industry must support all of that, and more. Their invisible bonds give our touchscreens a clean, seamless look, while also offering practical advantages. Constantly exposed to weather changes, skin oils and user-clumsiness, tapes must safeguard our expensive devices from accidents.

Depending on your project, you may need an adhesive solution that sticks to various surfaces, holds to curved or irregular shapes, seals against moisture and chemicals, or offers anti-lifting properties and impact resistance. We know tape. And we have the resources to make it happen.

common electronics tape applications include:



Display protection

Gap sealing


Lens protection

mouse construction

shock absorption


speaker cover attachment


wearable device construction

types of electronic tapes

We can customize any tape solution to meet your unique needs

At Walker, we understand that the complicated business of assembling consumer electronics needs a
high-performance tape, whatever the application might be. Whether the tape needs to shield against heat, cushion vibrations and shocks, or a myriad of other variables, we have a solution that will meet those needs.

We're also keenly aware of the surfaces (substrates) it interacts with, the variable environmental conditions, the production processes and so much more. Our relationships with leading tape manufacturers give us access to the strongest and best-performing permanent tapes in the world. We can source solutions for whatever challenges you're up against.

And we have the equipment and skills to design adhesives specifically for your project. For example, we can create custom differential tapes with each side optimized for a different surface. And, of course, we can convert any tape to whatever size and shape you need.

Electronic circuit board close up.

electronic Tape solutions

On our Products page, you'll find everything you need to know about our tapes used in industrial applications. They include:

Double-sided tapes are perfect for electronics applications because they have enormous holding power. The metal they stick to will tear before the tape bond breaks!

Foam tapes have strength that will outperform rivets and other metal fasteners. It's a game changer.

Double-sided foam tapes tend to get all the glory here, but single-sided foil tapes offer incredible conformability, heat resistance and the metal foil's transfer of electricity.

Transfer tapes are an adhesive layer without a backing or carrier. They're designed to bond to hard-to-bond materials and conform to difficult 3D shapes.

The Walker Difference

many more choices than most other converters

We are a "preferred converter" for the biggest three tape manufacturers in the world — 3M, tesa and Avery Dennison. And that's on top of the many other relationships we have with many other manufacturers. We're proud of those relationships. What it means for our customers is advantages with price, rapid delivery, more choice and the ability to customize in ways other tape converters can't. We're here to genuinely be the best resource for our customers, to strategically help them solve problems and challenges, and save money.

Those relationships with leading tape manufacturers give us access to the strongest and best-performing permanent tapes in the world. We can source solutions for whatever challenging substrates you’re up against, be it high- or low-surface energy, porous, rough, uneven and more. And we have the equipment and skills to design adhesives specifically for your project.

We look at it from our customers' point of view. If we needed help coming up with the right solution for an issue or challenge, we'd want to look at every option possible.



Walker's Power of possibilities

With our decades of experience, we know tape. Here are some of the capabilities and expertise we use to craft the perfect electronic adhesive solutions.

Need a custom shape and size? No problem. We can die cut tape with a liner into whatever custom shape and size you need.

If the liner that comes on your tape isn't the right choice for your application, we can replace the existing stock liner.

Our in-house design team can design custom packaging for your retail products. Need a logo? We can help with that, too.

We can quickly and easily replace the liner that came stock on your tape with a more suitable material for the job at hand.

Need tape cut to a custom length and width? We have a customized sheeter that allows us to cut any length and width up to 48 inches.

We offer three slitting options: crush-cut, razor and boloney. Ideal for customers who require a variety of widths.

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