Aerospace Tape Solutions

in the aerospace industry, the right tape solution for the job is mission critical. We Specialize in it.

The aerospace industry has your life (and ours) in its hands every time we step onto an airplane. That's why aerospace tapes need to get the job done right, every time. There is no room for error. With our tape solutions, we are sure that the job will be done correctly and precisely.

Types of tape used in aerospace

Types of tape used in aerospace


Sufaces (substrates) interacted with


Environmental conditions


production processes


End use


temporary or permanent solution


strength of the bond


durability of the bond

We can source solutions for whatever challenging substrates you're up against, be it high- or low-surface energy, porous, rough, uneven, and more.

We have the equipment and skills to design adhesives specifically for your project. For example, we can create custom differential tapes with each side optimized for a different surface. We can convert any tape to whatever size and shape you need.


Aerospace adhesive tape applications

strength of the bond

In the constantly changing environments of the aerospace industry, tapes seal seams, hold fabric in place, disburse heat, and are even being tested to replace rivets to reduce an aircraft's overall weight. Here are some additional aerospace applications where out tapes are used.

  • Cable management
  • Floor marking,  profile mounting, and slip prevention
  • Insulation protection
  • Noise dampening
  • Sign, mirror, and small parts mounting
  • Tamper-proof security labeling
  • Temporary surface protection

The Walker Difference

One Converter, vast possibilities

We are proud of our strong relationships with many of the biggest tape manufacturers in the world. Not many companies work so closely with multiple suppliers. What it means for our customers is advantages with price, rapid delivery, more choice, and the ability to customize in ways other tape converters can't. We're here to genuinely be the best resource for our customers, to strategically help them solve problems and challenges, and save money.

In an industry like aerospace, the right tape for the job is critical and potentially life saving. That's where The Walker Difference really matters. We have the ability to create completely unique, customized tape solutions that exactly fit your needs.

Passenger aircraft on maintenance of engine and fuselage repair in airport hangar


Need a custom shape and size? No problem. We can die cut tape with a liner into whatever custom shape and size you need.

If the liner that comes on your tape isn't right for your application, we can replace the existing stock liner by laminating another liner in place.

Our in-house design team can design custom packaging for your retail products. Need a logo?
We can help with that too.

We can quickly and easily replace the liner that came stock on your tape with a more suitable material for the job at hand.

Need tape cut to a custom length and width? We have a customized sheeter that allows us to cut any length and width up to 48 inches.

We offer three slitting options: crush-cut, razor, and baloney. Ideal for customers who require a variety of widths.


getting a quote is fast and Easy

Filling out a short form is all it takes to get a fast and free quote. It just takes a few minutes to fill out the form, and many times we'll get your quote back to you the same day.

Even if you're happy with your current converter, ask us for a free quote. It's hassle free and sure to suprise you. Our better prices and faster lead times make happy customers even happier. We'll even pay for your cost to switch converters (with a minimum contract).