Walker Tape Converting can convert your tape rolls to custom widths according to your specifications. Whether you need to offer a variety of widths to meet your customers’ preferences, or simply need one specific width for an industrial or medical application, we can help save you time and money.


Our razor slitter row machines are hand built, 100% manufactured and customized by Walker Tape Converting expert staff for maximum efficiency and quality. Thanks to our machines and innovative processes, setup and cleanup is fast, allowing us to provide fast turnarounds and even accept lower minimums.

Our machines have also been designed to minimize waste (some estimates suggest we have half the waste of other converters) leading to significant cost savings which are passed on to you, the customer.

Walker Tape Converting is also known for our precision. All of our rolls are within ten-thousands of an inch of the desired width; and we can reach even greater precision when needed.


Walker Tape Converting offers three slitting options: crush-cut, razor, and baloney.

Crush-cut slitting: This option utilizes a spinning blade which is pressed onto another surface, crushing the tape into the desired size. Crush cut slitting is often used for converting jumbo logs down to smaller sizes and results in exceptional quality and precision. (For example, a 54 x 540 yard” log cut down to 36 rolls at 3” x 270 yards.)

Razer slitting: In razor slitting, the tape is cut using a razor blade. Razor slitting is also incredibly precise and results in a high-quality cut.

Baloney slitting: This is the “latest and greatest” and our machines are outfitted with advanced features such as laser guidance for enhanced precision. Like the baloney slicer this process is named for, tape (while spinning) is run through a spinning blade. Baloney slitting is ideal for smaller volume runs or when different widths are needed.

Stop “making do” with a tape that’s not quite the right size or messy, time-consuming hand-cutting. Request a quote today and see how Walker Tape Converting can help you save time and money!

Getting a Quote is Fast and Easy

Filling out a short form is all it takes to get a fast and free quote. It will take just a few minutes to fill out the form; and many times we’ll get your quote back to you the same day.

Our dedicated customer service staff will determine which process is best for your needs. Most orders can be converted and shipped within 5 business days; we also ship to more than 60 countries worldwide.