Need tape cut to a custom length and width? Walker Tape Converting has a customized sheeter that lets us cut any length and any width up to 48 inches wide quickly and efficiently.


Our custom-built sheeting machine is extremely fast, resulting in incredible efficiency (and of course, the resulting cost savings are passed on to you, the customer).

Not only is our sheeting machine exceptionally fast, it’s accurate—cutting to a plus or minus 1/32 of an inch.

We can also sheet a wide variety of materials, anything from double coated pressure sensitive adhesives to foams, masking tape, and duct tapes (including both single and double coated tapes).

Getting a Quote is Fast and Easy

Rather than cutting your tapes yourself by hand or with an in-house machine, call or email Walker Tape Converting for a free quote.

Filling out a short form is all it takes to get a fast and free quote. It will take just a few minutes to fill out the form; and many times we’ll get your quote back to you the same day.