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Tesa Precision Mask

tesa® Precision Mask® Tapes for Two-Tone Applications

tesa® Precision Mask® Quality: Ideal Tapes for Indoor/Outdoor Two-Tone Applications   A two-tone paint application usually means you need a...
How To Find The Right Quote For Your Business

How to Find the Right Quote for Your Business

So Many Options: Which Tape Converting Quote is Right for Your Business?   As you shop around, you’re going to...
Avery Electronics

Using Avery Dennison Tapes in Electronics

The Electronics Industry Needs Avery Dennison Tapes Now More Than Ever!   Avery Dennison tapes keep electronics companies current with...
SustainabilityOptions_Email (1)

Tape & Sustainability 

How Sustainable Is Tape?   This question can be a tough one to answer. For example, tape offers benefits to...
3M Thermally Conductive

3M Thermally Conductive Solutions for Electronics

Why Do Electronics Need Thermally Conductive Solutions?   Components in electronics – such as circuit boards, LEDs, batteries – produce...
What is Elongation

What Is Elongation at Break?

There are a lot of performance traits made available on a tape’s technical data sheet: temperature resistance, UV resistance, chemical...
tesa 51966

tesa® General-Purpose Acrylic Tape for Foam & Plastics Bonding

tesa® 51966: A Great General-Purpose Acrylic Tape for Low Surface Energy Foam & Plastics Bonding   tesa® 51966 is a...

Custom Tape Die-Cutting Costs: A Behind-the-Scenes Look

What Is Custom Die-Cutting?   Die-cutting is the process of cutting material using a die tool. Think cookie cutter, but...

Foam & Fabric Bonding with Avery Dennison Tapes

Bonding Foams & Fibrous Materials with Avery Dennison Performance Tapes   It’s often tricky to find a good tape solution...