4965 Red Tape is one of tesa®’s most popular and widely used products. Manufacturers have found hundreds of uses for it, and have found that it’s more effective than mechanical fasteners or liquid adhesives.


There’s so much to appreciate about this tape, which is why it’s held strong as one of tesa®’s most popular tapes for so long. Here are our favorite reasons why tesa® 4965 is so great, as well as some of its more impressive uses.


What Makes tesa® 4965 Different


Let’s start with some of the features that make tesa® 4965 stand out from the crowd.


tesa® 4965 is a clear tape with a red liner. It has a Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) backing, which means that it’s got a film backing that’s resistant to tearing. It also offers a pressure-sensitive, acrylic adhesive which allows it to be applied securely with very little pressure.


Here are a few other key characteristics of tesa® 4965:

  • Weather Resistant
  • UV Resistant
  • Water Resistant
  • Temperature Resistant
  • Humidity Resistant
  • Plasticizer Resistant
  • Reliable Bonding on LSE (Low Surface Energy) Substrates
  • Usable Immediately After Application
  • Strong
  • Easy to Apply
  • Permanent


All of these characteristics make it a great tape to be used in just about any industry.


How Is tesa® 4965 Used?


Knowing that tesa® 4965 is used in different industries and knowing how it’s used in those industries are two very different things! Here are just some of the different ways that tesa® 4965 is utilized in different industries and to make up different products.


Car Manufacturing


For a long time, fasteners like nuts and bolts were the go-to for all things automotive. However, manufacturers soon discovered a few different issues with this.


These tended to be things like the fasteners wearing out or adding bulk to the weight of the car. Often, these fasteners can cause all kinds of noise when they start to wear out. Plus, they take a while to install correctly on the car and can involve more labor and costs.


So, what other options are there?


Tapes like tesa® 4965 are a great solution to consider. Tapes are easy to install and usually don’t require any additional tools. They’re also more affordable since the materials used to make them are minimal and typically inexpensive. All together, these factors help cut down on labor and material prices during manufacturing.


On top of that, when correctly installed, tapes don’t wear out like fasteners do. tesa® 4965 is water resistant, so the adhesive won’t lose hold after being exposed to the elements. But fasteners are likely to rust after a while. It’s also great for cutting down on the BRS (buzz, rattle, and squeak) that fasteners may cause.


4965 is also great for use on LSE substrates, like plastic for example. Many Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABSs) are made with plastic pieces, so tesa® 4965 can be used to help mount pieces and keep the brakes functioning correctly.


tesa® 4965 is also a good option for mounting things on the dashboards of vehicles. Its ability to bond with LSE substrates makes getting a secure hold easy.


It’s easy to see the different and innovative ways that tesa® 4965 can be used in car manufacturing, but this isn’t it’s only use.


Mounting Rubber


Rubber can sometimes be a bit of a tricky substrate to bond with. So, having a good tape when working with it can make all the difference.


A common area that requires mounting rubber is placing weatherstripping in windows. Because this stripping is designed to stop any sort of weather from getting in or out, it’s important to have tape that can handle anything.


tesa® 4965 is that tape. As detailed above, tesa® 4965 is resistant against basically every kind of weather. From hot, sunny weather to cold, rainy days, this tape keeps its hold reliably.


Plus, its ability to bond with just about any kind of substrate, means that it shouldn’t have a hard time grabbing hold of rubber weatherstripping.




From our phones to even our refrigerators, there are screens with smart capabilities on anything you can think of. As a result, the call for a resilient tape that can form a thin bond has increased.


As you can guess, tesa® 4965 is one of the best options out there. Its heat resistance makes it a great choice for mounting batteries that can get very hot, and it’s also great for mounting touch screens.


Life happens no matter how hard you try, especially where smartphones are concerned. They’re exposed to water, intense temperatures, and daily wear and tear, which makes tesa® 4965 a perfect choice for mounting screens, whether initially or as a replacement.




Traditional wood glue and mechanical fasteners have often been the first choice of woodworkers, but they may not always be the best choice depending on the application. Wood glue can be messy to work with and it also takes a while to set.


As tape technology has advanced, many woodworkers have turned to tapes as a potential fast holding and long lasting adhesive solution. Since it has a strong and quick bonding hold, tesa® 4965 is a good solution that also offers ease of use. Simply cut it to your specifications, making it a great choice for applications with intricate detailing.



These are just a handful of examples of what tesa® 4965 can do. If you think that tesa® 4965 could be the solution you’re looking for, reach out to us.


We’ll be able to help your project come together by converting the tape into the exact size and shape you need. If you have questions, let us know. We’d love to help you find the best tape for your application.

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