Tesa’s 4965 is one of their flagship products and it’s no mystery why it’s so widely used. It has hundreds of applications, many of which were previously using liquid adhesives. This tape gives more flexibility and is faster and easier to use in many of these applications.

First, let’s talk about the basics. 4965 is a transparent, double sided tape with a red liner. It has a PET backing and an acrylic adhesive. It is a pressure sensitive adhesive, meaning it is tacky and applies with light pressure. It is recognized by UL standard 969 (UL file: MH 18055), meaning this tape has gone through several tests performed by Underwriters Laboratories (a product safety certification organization) such as weather and peel tests, and has been tested under a variety of conditions on a variety of surfaces. It holds in even the most extreme of circumstances. It’s temperature resistant, reliably holding in extreme heat or cold without melting or becoming brittle. It’s also water, weather, humidity, and UV resistant. It is resistant to plasticizers so it can be used with materials such as PVC that has been treated to be more flexible and durable, without compromising adhesion. It bonds reliably to LSE (low surface energy) substrates such as human skin. Because of its initial tack, it is also usable as soon as it is applied. After initially placing the tape, you will be able to remove it to make initial adjustments without issue. However, over time the adhesive will continue to cure and the bond will strengthen, making it permanent. In general, you can expect that it will have an 80% cure after 24 hours, a 90% cure after 48 hours, and a 100% cure after 72 hours. Let’s summarize:


Tape Physical Characteristics


  • Clear Tape
  • Red Liner
  • PET Backing
  • Acrylic Adhesive


Tape Adhesion Characteristics


  • Weather Resistant
  • UV Resistant
  • Water Resistant
  • Temperature Resistant
  • Humidity Resistant
  • Plasticizer Resistant
  • Reliable Bonding on LSE Substrates
  • Usable Immediately After Application
  • Strong
  • Easy to Apply
  • Permanent


Because of its ability to hold strong in many conditions and on many surfaces, it’s an excellent mounting and bonding tape in almost any industry. At Walker, we have four levels of die cutting to allow us to completely personalize tape for your application. We can convert this tape into almost any shape for almost any application. Below are some specific examples of how it’s used throughout several industries.


How Tesa 4965 is Used


In the car industry, 4965 is used to replace rivets and fasteners because it holds better, doesn’t wear out, is easier to install, and in most cases ends up being less expensive. It’s also a great option for mounting ABS plastic parts of any kind. This is great for mounting to dashboards, or almost any other surface on the interior or exterior of a car. Below is an example of a die cut of 4965 used to mount a cell phone holder onto a dashboard.


Tesa 4965 is also suitable for mounting rubber/EPDM profiles. It is a great option for the adhesive on self-adhesive weather stripping, as seen in the images below. 


Electronic devices are another popular application for Tesa 4965. It can be used to mount battery packs, touch screens, lenses, and more. Below you’ll see it used to mount a replacement touch screen on a cell phone.


Tesa 4965 is a hassle and time saver in the woodworking industry as well. It can hold strong for a short amount of time while still removing easily, making it an excellent option for holding pattern templates while cutting, holding wood in place during drum sander shaping, or temporarily holding pieces in place before nailing or screwing them together.  It will secure decorative moldings instantly and permanently. It’s instantly tacky when you attach the pieces, but you’ll still be able to adjust if your placement isn’t perfect the first time. No more waiting for glue to dry before you can move on with your project. In woodworking, this tape would be best used on a roll. For most projects you can use strips of Tesa 4965 along the perimeter or directly in the center of the piece you’re holding. For more intricate decorative elements, you can place strips over the entire back of the piece and use an exacto knife or razor to cut along the edges before adhesion, as seen below.

Other Uses for Tesa 4965


  • RV and Truck Manufacturing: bond panels together, install side and rear-view mirrors, fabric bonding, etc.
  • Industrial Manufacturing Processes: splice items together to allow for continuous operation, hold machinery parts in place, etc.
  • Events and Tradeshows: temporarily hold carpets in place with little residue after removal, hold temporary structural elements together, etc.
  • Pet Care: discourage animals from scratching furniture
  • Framing: hold artwork in place within the frame, keep hanging paintings level, etc.
  • Clothing: temporarily keep clothing details in place, perform quick hems, keep excess material on belts and watchbands in place, create false buttons, etc.


That barely scratches the surface of what this tape is capable of. If you think this might be the tape for you, please contact us to discuss it further.


There was a time when no one would have guessed that tape would be used for many of the things it’s used for today. Even today, many people probably don’t realize many of the places tape is being used. Years ago, tapes that could keep windows in place or hold industrial machines together in high temperatures under heavy pressure did not exist. As tapes strong enough for these applications have come on the market, they have continually been replacing liquid adhesives and other attachment methods. Not only are they strong enough to do these jobs, there are many ways in which they are far superior to other attachment methods. Not only are they much easier to work with than many methods, they can also be customized far more for specific jobs. They can be cut into specific sizes or shapes to exactly match the application they’re needed for. They can be laminated with different adhesives on each side designed to adhere to different substrates. Other attachment methods lack the ease of use and customization capabilities of tape.


If you’re looking for a tape solution, feel free to contact us with any questions. If you’re ready to get your project going and would like a free quote, simply fill out our quote form here.