Why our preferred converter status matters.

Making life easier on you is one of the pillars of our “customer first” mindset here at Walker Tape Converting. Whether it’s with our guaranteed trial orders or free product samples; we want to make the process as simple and smooth as possible.


One of the ways we help make life easier for your tape converting journey is by having key relationships with not one, not two, but three of the biggest tape manufacturers in the world: 3M™ (Preferred Converter), Avery Dennison (ADvantage Converter), and tesa® (Gold Partner), not to mention a variety of relationships with other suppliers as well. Very few converters out there can say they’re part of that group.


Imagine this: you want to make a sandwich for dinner, but the store you normally go to doesn’t offer all the ingredients you need. You drive, begrudgingly, to a few different stores, wasting precious gas and time, to get these products your store didn’t have. And after all that, you still have to get the sandwich made! And with different products from different stores, it might not taste as good as it potentially could have. Exhausting, we know. And it can be the same story with converting tape.


This isn’t the case with Walker Tape Converting. By having these relationships with different tape manufacturers, we’re able to get all the components you need in one place and get your product to you faster than other converters can. Along with saving you money, and the ability to customize your solutions with the best available components. Let us explain.


Better Pricing Options


Not only do we get a variety of products to choose from to build your custom tapes, but we also get access to the best prices for each component that goes into making your product. Instead of solely relying on a well known 3M™ product (such as their VHB line), we can use our relationships with other manufacturers to find similar components for a more affordable price point. Because that is what we’re about, offering a high-quality product at a low price.


Rapid Delivery


The pandemic caused a lot of problems, mainly for individuals, but for businesses as well. Mail was stopped, Amazon packages were massively delayed, the toilet paper shortage. Most companies are now in the process of getting their shipping and delivery back on track; but at Walker Tape Converting, we’ve been able to weather that storm. With having various manufacturers, we’ve been able to utilize each relationship to find which one works best for each situation. Whether it’s one manufacturer dealing with a raw materials shortage, one dealing with liner problems, or another having a product customs issue; we’re able to get around that with our relationships. That way your products are delivered to you on time, and will continue to be.


More Choices for Components


Most converters don’t function the way we do. Most others prioritize one relationship, and push those specific products. But we want what is best for you, and that’s where our key relationships come into play. We’re in the top 1% of converters when it comes to having multiple manufacturing relationships, and we’re just 1 of 3 converters in the U.S. that is a Gold Partner for tesa®. With those kinds of statuses, we have access to the largest store of components for customization. For example, we can go grab a component like tesa® 4965, along with Avery Dennison foam, in order to make your tape. And with our knowledge and expertise, we’re able to marry multiple components together to create an option that’s exclusively for you, one that no one else in the world has or can get.


Vast Customizations


With the broad amount of choices that comes with having key relationships with the biggest tape manufacturers, also comes the sheer number of customizations that can be made and tested for your product. If one component doesn’t work well in the scheme of the application? No worries, we’ll try another from one of the other manufacturers and plug it in to find the ideal solution. That kind of innovation can’t be done with just one or two supplier relationships, and is why we strive to have so much more.


In The End


All of this is why Walker Tape Converting’s great relationships with the biggest tape manufacturers in the industry matter. This ensures we are able to find the right solution that works best for you every time, at a competitive price, with reliable delivery. None of that would be possible without these relationships. Request a quote now to get started.

Are you interested in learning more about Walker Tape Converting? Check out our ebook, The Walker Tape Difference.

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