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Sometimes the best solutions start with a simple question. Our product experts have been in the business for decades and can help you with your project, no matter what it is. No matter where you're starting from or how much you do or do not know about tape, ask away.


Adhesive Tape Converter ROI

We’ve Got Your Specialty Tape Converting Needs Covered!

Here at Walker Tape, we pride ourselves on innovation and creativity. In fact, our founder, Brent Bonham, also happens to be...
Walker Tape-Custom shapes

How Custom Tape Shapes Will Save You Money

We once walked into a potential customer's shop and took a look at the process they had going on in the...
Walker Tape-Removing Tape

Removable Tape

Do you have a project that will require the tape to be removed at some point?  Perhaps you are in...
Walker Tape-Stickiness

The Stickiness Factor

One of our employees shared the following story about a company he worked with in the beginning of his career. "When...
Walker Tape surfaces

It’s All About The Surface

In the world of pressure sensitive adhesives you have the opportunity to work with all types of surfaces.  This is...
high bond tape

Tapes Used in Manufacturing

Did you know that there is double sided tape out there that has so much holding power that metal has...
Walker Tape Machine

Tape Can Do Anything

Tape is such a fun thing to sell.  Why?  It can solve so many problems that are faced in the...
custom tape converting

Five Questions to Ask When Preparing for a Custom Project

Here are the top questions you will need to consider when preparing for your next custom project. #1- What materials...
Walker Tape Converting Custom Machinery

Custom Adhesive Tape Converting Machines For Our Projects

We have spoken with a number of custom adhesive tape converters over the years and one thing seems to always...