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Tape converting Small Orders

Explaining Small Orders

How We Determine our Minimum Orders, Why They're More Expensive Per Piece, and How We Help If you have experience...

Die-Cutting: How It Works & How It Saves You Time and Money

There’s a pretty good chance that you’ve heard of die-cutting before. It’s used in several different industries. But just in...
Work with Walker Tape Converting

Walker Tape Converting is the Best Option for Your Small Business

If you are a small business owner, you understand what a long and difficult journey entrepreneurship can be. Staying profitable...
Getting the most accurate quote for your project

How to Get The Most Accurate Quote

Getting an accurate quote is important. There’s nothing more frustrating when working on a project than getting a quote and...

Specialty Die Cutting for Medical Tapes

The medical industry is always changing and adapting. One thing that has stuck around for a little while in it...
Adhesive Tape Converter ROI

We’ve Got Your Specialty Tape Converting Needs Covered!

Here at Walker Tape, we pride ourselves on innovation and creativity. In fact, our founder, Brent Bonham, also happens to be...
Walker Tape-Custom shapes

How Custom Tape Shapes Will Save You Money

We once walked into a potential customer's shop and took a look at the process they had going on in the...
Walker Tape-Removing Tape

Removable Tape

Do you have a project that will require the tape to be removed at some point?  Perhaps you are in...
Walker Tape-Stickiness

The Stickiness Factor

One of our employees shared the following story about a company he worked with in the beginning of his career. "When...