Walker Tape-Custom shapes

We once walked into a potential customer’s shop and took a look at the process they had going on in the back.  They were a company who had created some decorative magnets.  They were paying people to cut out tape to fit the shape of the magnet.  We watched the process for a little while and asked them how much it cost to create these magnets.  The magnets were just starting to take off and he wasn’t really sure.  We asked them how many they needed to produce.  They told us the number which was more than just a few thousand units.  We asked them if we could take one of the shapes with us to have a die cut quote done for them.  They, of course, were concerned about minimums and the cost of doing this.

When we got back to this company with our quote, the minimum order for the part was 2,500 pieces which just happened to be about half of what they needed to create for their initial order.  When they looked at the unit cost, they were shocked.  “This is going to save me a TON of money,” the owner told us.  He was not kidding, he was able to reduce the number of people working on tape cutting and put them to use in producing product.  As the business grew, so did the number of die cuts he was ordering from us. All while the labor savings was adding money to his bottom line.

Take a look at your production costs.  Would having a die cut tape solution work for you?  How much will you save in labor?  Contact us and we will help you find your perfect solution.

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