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Here at Walker Tape, we pride ourselves on innovation and creativity. In fact, our founder, Brent Bonham, also happens to be an inventor who designed and created our incredibly efficient specialty tape converting machines. These machines are highly versatile and work extremely well for a wide variety of tape converting applications. They are truly the shining gem of our facility and give us the capability to convert just about any type of commercial tape. You’ll be impressed with our efficient, high-quality conversion, which saves you both time and money.

What About the Tape?

Walker Tape is a family company and we take care to make sure everyone we work with feels like they are part of the family. We have great relationships with the largest and smallest adhesive tape manufacturers in the world. We have an incredible selection of specialty tapes and adhesives to choose from with VERY competitive contract pricing. We can help you get exactly what you are looking for to get the job done.

We understand that sometimes there isn’t a tape that exists for certain custom jobs. That is why we partner with a great team of specialty tape and adhesive manufacturers who are willing to create a totally custom product designed specifically for your project.

Product Capabilities

Custom Printing

  • Logos – to set you apart from the competition
  • Other information such as user-friendly instructions or company info
  • If printing on the tape itself is not an option, we can print your logo or other information on the liner

Custom Widths/Lengths/Shapes

  • We can convert a variety of tapes to just about any size, all the way down to 1/16 of an inch.
  • Our machines can perform multiple-level rotary die cutting with several die cutting stations to increase efficiency and keep pricing down.


We offer a variety of customizations, including:

  • Tabbing the adhesive off of the liner efficiently for both the medical and industrial markets.
  • Differential tapes – a customized tape designed for specific needs. An example of this would be a double-sided tape with different adhesives on either side.
  • If you have specific requests or needs, please ask! Chances are we can do it!


  • We make our own machinery. As mentioned above, our founder is also an inventor!
  • New tape converting jobs are actually fun for us to work on. We enjoy the challenges of new opportunities.
  • Give us a call or email us and we’d be happy to help. Our team has well over 100 years of combined experience converting tape.


We ship to both domestic and international businesses. We’ve been helping customers with their specialty tape converting needs all over the world now for over 20 years.

We Can Do Anything!

If a specialty tape converting job comes in that our Walker original machines can’t do, we are willing to bring in additional tape converting machinery to grow our capabilities. We pride ourselves on having incredible quality, great customer service, and low minimums. Whether you are an established company with high minimums, or have a new project you are working on with low minimums, we are more than happy to help.

When you hire Walker Tape, you’re part of the family! We’re always happy to help discuss new ideas, or quote existing projects. Contact us at any time to find a solution for your custom needs.

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