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Do you have a project that will require the tape to be removed at some point?  Perhaps you are in construction and use a lot of masking tape.  Or maybe you are in the graphics industry and produce signage that advertises a special sales event.  Or you could even be in manufacturing and you need a tape to temporarily hold a part down while work is done.  Whatever that case is, there is a tape for that.

There are many types of tape that are designed to be removed without residue.

In construction, masking tape is well known and well used.  Most of us have either seen or used some of that blue painters tape during a specific job.  Did you see any residue issues?  Did the tape perform the way you wanted it to?  Did you know that the tape was designed to remove clean, but only after being used for a specific amount of time?

Have you ever had an end user complain after using one of your tapes?  Maybe they forgot to remove tape after an event and then spent a lot of hours cleaning off of the residue once they got around to removing it?  Have you ever had to spend extra time during manufacturing cleaning a part that should have been able to go on to the next step?

There have been some really cool advancements in tapes.  There are tapes designed for the construction industry that can be put on an exterior window and left for up to 30 days and pull off clean!  The tape won’t even splinter or break apart!  How much time will that save your crew?

We have some tapes that use what is known as a differential adhesive.  One side is very permanent while the other will hold strong, but when the time comes to remove the tape, there is no goo to clean.

With our tape knowledge and our real world experience, we can help you find the tape that will make your life much easier, saving you a lot of what can be most precious to you and your company…time! Contact us to find a solution to your custom tape needs.

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