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The Electronics Industry Needs Avery Dennison Tapes Now More Than Ever!


Avery Dennison tapes keep electronics companies current with market trends. Consumers expect their devices to keep getting sleeker, more powerful, and lighter. Oh, and they expect all this while also wanting the devices themselves to work more efficiently.


To meet expectations, you need tape to literally hold everything together. Plus, considering the crazy space constraints in electronics, you need tape to do a whole lot more:


  • Touchscreen compatibility while also providing screen protection
  • Shock absorption and vibration damping while also being light and thin
  • Waterproofing while also being reworkable for repairs
  • Insulation while also dissipating heat
  • Screen display enhancement while also improving battery life 


That’s quite the big ask of tape. Luckily, Avery Dennison supplies tapes that provide all these functions for electronics and more.


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Examples of Avery Dennison Tape Applications Across the Electronics Industry


Sleek, lightweight Frame Bonding for Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, and Desktops


Various Avery Dennison foam tapes work great to hold your electronics together.


  • Display Screen to Frame
  • Back Cover to Frame 
  • Bezel Bonding (as in the plastic part in laptops and computer monitors that the screen attaches to)


Ask one of our experts about which Avery Dennison tape solution makes the most sense for your electronics application. Working with our team is the best way to find the perfect fit for your application. We work closely with Avery Dennison to pinpoint the right choice.


That said, for easy reference, we can include a few Avery Dennison examples for each of these electronics applications.


Avery Dennison Electronics Frame Bonding Examples



Removable, Reworkable Bonding for Electronic Device Maintenance 


One of the most expensive parts of a laptop is the display screen. So, if a device needs repairs, it’s vital to be able to repair the issue without causing damage to the screen. 


Avery Dennison provides differential tapes with different kinds of adhesive on both sides. These tapes hold strong to the side meant for permanent bonding. Plus, their other side holds strong as well but can be removed when needed.


  • Screen Replacement
  • Battery Removal
  • Internal Repairs


Avery Dennison Electronics Removable Bonding Examples



We can also work with Avery Dennison to create the perfect custom differential tape to meet your removability specs. Send us a free custom quote request today!


Durable Impact Resistance in the Case of Drops, Bumps, and Other Accidents


Impact resistance or shock absorption is essential with electronics. We’re always using them, and we’re always facing the challenges of gravity. Avery Dennison knows this and has their product engineers spend hours in the lab dropping electronics thousands of times to test their durability.


You may notice the examples below also match the foam tape examples for frame bonding. The multiple benefits of Avery Dennison’s foam tapes allow them to accomplish a lot with a single bond. All at once, these foam tapes hold the electronics together, absorb impacts, damp noises, create a waterproof seal, and are touchscreen ready.


Avery Dennison Electronics Shock Absorption Examples



Waterproofing Electronic Devices


Like mentioned previously, Avery Dennison foam tapes provide electronics with a complete seal. This waterproofs the device as well as keeps out other unwanted contaminants. 


Avery Dennison Electronics Waterproofing Examples



Touchscreen Capabilities 


Since more and more electronics call for touchscreens, it only makes sense for the tapes that hold them together to be compatible too. Avery Dennison has several foam and film tapes that support the finger feedback necessary to make touchscreens work.


Avery Dennison Electronics Touchscreen Examples



Battery & Component Efficiency in Electronics


Avery Dennison’s tapes can also help electronics run more efficiently. They do this by offering the following traits:


  • Better Heat Flow Performance
  • Insulation to Protect Internal Component Function


Your electronics need good insulation to perform at different temperatures. They also need a way to protect internal components from overheating. Different parts of electronic devices produce heat as a byproduct. 


Avery Dennison tapes can spread that heat away from the source to help the device run better for longer.


Avery Dennison Electronics Efficiency Examples



Sound & Vibration Damping for Keyboards, Touchpads, and Computer Fans


Consumers want to be able to work on electronics without the constant sound of typing. They also want to work without the thrum of a fan always randomly firing up. 


The tapes that Avery Dennison supplies make quieter electronics possible. 


  • Quieter Keyboards & Touchpads
  • Silent Fans


Avery Dennison Electronics Damping Examples



Screen Protection for Touchscreen Devices and Monitor Displays


So far, we’ve mainly focused on double-sided tape options. But Avery Dennison also has various single-sided solutions that improve electronic devices.


The main example here, of course, is with their screen protectors. Avery Dennison has fantastic film protectors to choose from.


Avery Dennison Electronics Screen Protection Examples



Attaching Components to, and Inside of, Electronics


Electronics require so many attachments to keep up with the performance consumers now expect. Here is a glimpse at just a few: 


  • Mesh Speakers & Microphones
  • Backlight Unit (BLU)
  • Keyboards 
  • Cameras
  • Batteries
  • Fixed Circuit Boards


Each of these attachments have different needs when it comes to offering a secure bond. Avery Dennison’s product line includes plenty of options to keep you covered. One example involves bonding to low surface energy (LSE) plastics. These surfaces can be tricky to stick to. 


Avery Dennison Electronics Components Attachment Examples



Improved Screen Display Performance in Electronics


A lot of layers go into giving an electronic device a vibrant screen display. These layers include light reflectors, guide plates, diffusion sheets, brightness enhancing films, and light shielding. Avery Dennison tapes work to do all of these applications. 


For example, they have blackout tapes to shield lines of light from being visible along the screen sides.


Avery Dennison Electronics Screen Display Enhancing Examples



Biocompatible Adhesives for Wearable Devices Involving Skin Contact


Like the above-mentioned removability performance, wearable devices need Avery Dennison differential tape. One side needs to be sensitive enough to stick to skin, then the other side needs to be strong enough to permanently hold the device itself.


Avery Dennison Electronics Biocompatible Examples




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