Seal Used PPE & Other Contaminated Waste with Duct Tape


We’ve seen personal protective equipment (PPE) in the news a lot during this coronavirus outbreak. But yet to receive much coverage is what we’re supposed to do with used PPE as it begins to pile up. 


Face masks, gloves, protective suits, and several other potentially contaminated waste could use better seals than what comes with most waste bags. This is where industrial grade duct tape can come in handy. 


Quickly & Easily Put Up Temporary Partitions 


Researchers agree that the 6-ft rule has had a positive impact on slowing the spread of the virus. However, these same researchers are finding that the virus may easily travel much farther than that. Because of this, many businesses are putting up glass partitions to make their workers even safer. 


To get these temporary partitions up quickly and easily, there are plenty of good high-bond tapes to choose from. 


Create Protective Masks & Shields with a Reliable Seal


If you’re in healthcare or any essential industry that requires close proximity to others, you’re likely searching outside-the-box solutions to securing more face shields. 


One possible answer could be double-sided tapes that stick well to plastics and softer, hard-to-bond materials. These tapes create a complete seal needed for PPE to keep your employees safe. 


Offer Hygienic, Temporary Shopping Cart Handlebar Covers


While we’re thinking outside the box, if you provide shopping carts to customers, you may want to look into automotive surface protection tapes. Hear us out. 


These tapes are made to cover and protect new paint jobs on vehicles. So, by the nature of their application, they’re easy to place and even easier to remove cleanly. These traits allow them to work as temporary handlebar covers that can be applied and removed simply with each customer. If you’re low on alcohol wipes or hand sanitizer, this may be a good solution to keeping shared surface contact down to a minimum.


Establish Safe-Distance Markings & Lanes for Customers & Employees


There are several eye-catching marking tapes that work for creating temporary one-way lanes, safe-distance reminders, and other custom floor instructions. Plus, you can use double-sided tapes to hang up wall signage. 


This handful of ideas comes from tesa’s Stay Safe Assortment. If you’d like to learn more about these applications, plus a few more ideas, they’ve put together this helpful rundown


Also, feel free to contact us if you’d like to brainstorm more tips and suggestions. We’re happy to help you keep your people safe during this unprecedented worldwide situation in any way we can. 


The greatest thing we can do as a global community is put our health and safety above everything else and stick together. 



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