At Walker Tape Converting, we take pride in being able to offer a wide array of converting capabilities. On top of that, we try to stay on top of all of the latest and greatest in the capabilities we provide.


We offer several capabilities, as we want to ensure that we can customize a tape to match your needs. Among our many different capabilities, the one that we are particularly equipped in is slitting.


Recently, we’ve added a new custom slitting machine to our line-up. This machine is helping expand our slitting capabilities so that we can keep giving you the best tape possible.


To show how much this all will help, let’s go over what exactly slitting is and the different ways that it works.


The Benefits of Slitting


Slitting is simply cutting rolls of tape to the exact size that you need. This could help you save time and money, as you’ll have tape that is easier to work with. Wrangling with giant rolls of tape during your production process will be a thing of the past.


Each of our slitting machines have been carefully curated and customized to be even more efficient. They’re capable of making precise cuts within four-thousands of an inch. This precision could help make manufacturing even easier for you, as you’re unlikely to end up with tape that’s too small or too large for your necessary tolerances.


Now that you have a general idea of what slitting is, let’s get into the details of what Walker Tape Converting can do for you.


What Our Machines Can Do


We offer three main kinds of slitting. They are:

  • Baloney
  • Crush-Cut
  • Razor


Each of these slitting methods has its own benefits and can be used to achieve different kinds of cuts. Our machinery has been designed and customized to make these cuts in the most efficient way possible.


But what are each of these types of slitting like?


Baloney Slitting


Baloney slitting is done by taking rapidly spinning tape and running it through a rapidly spinning blade. It is a common way to do slitting because it’s fast and offers clean cuts. But our newest machine makes it even better.


The new Baloney slitting machine at Walker Tape Converting has been customized with some of the latest tech. It has laser guidance that allows it to be our most accurate machine yet. Plus, some of our other customizations have made it even faster. Little downtime between cuts means a better outcome with a more affordable bottom line for you.


Crush-Cut Slitting


As excited as we are about Baloney slitting, other slitting methods are pretty fantastic as well. Crush-Cut slitting is another great option.


In this slitting method, tape is cut by crushing it between a small, circular blade and another surface. It’s generally used with jumbo-sized logs of tape. It cuts them down into smaller and easier to use rolls. It’s also used for tougher tapes that might be difficult to cut. The blade doesn’t have to be as sharp as with other slitting methods, the pressure just has to be high.


Crush-Cut slitting is also a great option for higher volume projects, when you need many rolls of tape in a short amount of time.


Razor Slitting


The final kind of slitting we offer is Razor slitting. This type of slitting is a method that involves using a razor to cut the tape.


Usually, Razor slitting is used to cut narrow rolls or strips, as it gives a very clean and precise cut, and it’s generally sought after for that reason. If you’ve found that your slitting tape has jagged cuts that make working with it difficult, razor cutting could be the solution!


It also creates very little dust in the slitting process. This makes the tapes even better to work with, as it can help create a cleaner production environment.


Which Kind of Slitting Should I Use?


There’s a chance that after reading the above section, you already know exactly what kind of slitting you want. If so, that’s great! If not, that’s where Walker Tape Converting can help.


When you’re unfamiliar with converting, finding the converting capability you need might seem intimidating. We do more than just convert the tape for you – we help you design the perfect custom tape for your project.


Our experts work with you to pick the exact tape that you need. From there, we determine the most optimal tape size and shape for your application and pair it with the best slitting application for the job.


After that’s determined, we review whether the tape needs a new liner or if it should be laminated with another material. Once we’ve worked together to find these ideal combinations, we create your perfect tape.



If you have more questions about this type of cutting, learn more on our Slitting Capabilities page. If you have all the information you need and you’re ready to get started, request a free quote today.

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