tesa® 4378 offers a convenient 3-in-1 system for masking large areas. It combines the slightly creped masking tape tesa® 4309 (natural rubber adhesive), a masking paper border, and a high density polyethylene (HDPE) masking film for ideal protection. This system makes it easy for a single person to cover large areas quickly.

tesa® 4309 is conformable and suitable for spray-painting applications that may require oven drying up to 248°F.

The masking paper border ensures paint absorption at the area closest to the coating spot. 

The HDPE film, treated to catch paint, protects against spray particles.

Product Data Sheet

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Common Applications

  • Large area masking for industrial, transportation, and automotive spray painting projects


  • Adhesive: Slightly creped paper
  • Carrier: Natural rubber
  • Total thickness: 6.69 mil 
  • Masking coverage thickness: 0.39 mil
  • Masking coverage material: HDPE
  • Additional protective paper weight: 37 g/m²
  • Adhesion to steel: 31.97 oz/in
  • Elongation at break: 12%
  • Tensile strength: 26.83 lb/in
  • Temperature resistance: 248°F
  • Removal: Easy
  • Paint anchorage: Very good
  • Sharp color edge: Very good