tesa Bodyguard®50530 PV3

tesa Bodyguard® 50530 PV3

tesa Bodyguard® 50530 PV3 offers temporary protection for freshly-painted car bodies and should be applied after the painting process. This tape is UV resistant and can protect the paint for up to 12 months. It also eliminates repairs or polishing after de-masking, helping save on cost. Product Safety Data Sheet
tesa Bodyguard®50530 PV7

tesa Bodyguard® 50530 PV7

tesa Bodyguard® 50530 PV7 is UV resistant and paint compatible, making it the perfect tape for protecting freshly painted cars during the transportation process. This tape can be applied after the painting process to provide reliable protection for painted surfaces, secure adhesion during transportation, and protect during outdoor storage for up to 12 months. Easy to apply and remove, it saves costs by eliminating polishing or repair after demasking. The film and the adhesive are also environmentally friendly and easily disposable. Product Safety Data Sheet

tesa® 4174

tesa® 4174 is a fine-line tape for masking applications that call for a high degree of precision, even when dealing with curves and other complex shapes. It uses a flexible, temperature resistant PVC carrier with a natural rubber adhesive. You can count on good, sharp paint edges and no ghosting or residue when exposed to temperatures up to 302°F up to one hour at time. Product Data Sheet

tesa® 4316 PV3

tesa® 4316 PV3 is a slightly creped paper masking tape. It’s both thin and flexible, great for general masking applications. This includes oven drying applications up to temperatures of 212°F. Product Data Sheet

tesa® 4331

tesa® 4331 is a high-temperature masking tape featuring a silicone adhesives with a residue-free removal. Thanks to its silicone adhesive, it holds strong even in extremely high temperature up to 392°F. tesa® 4331 also achieves a border-sharp color edge. Product Data Sheet

tesa® 4334

tesa® 4334 is a premium painter’s tape for precise, razor-sharp paint edges. It’s extremely easy to use and suited for almost all indoor paint application on common surfaces such as glass, aluminum, hard PVC, and wood. Product Data Sheet
tesa 4338 masking tape

tesa® 4338

tesa® 4338 is a high-performance masking tape with an age-resistant natural rubber adhesive on slightly creped paper. It’s built to handle highly demanding paint applications in the industrial and transportation industries requiring the following quality standards:  
  • Clean removal after multiple drying cycles
  • Oven drying resistance up to 248°F
  • UV/outdoor resistance for 7 days
  • Quick stick for secure masks
  • Curve-ready conformability 
  • Easy, controlled unwinding 
  • Bright visibility
Product Safety Data Sheet

tesa® 4378

tesa® 4378 offers a convenient 3-in-1 system for masking large areas. It combines the slightly creped masking tape tesa® 4309 (natural rubber adhesive), a masking paper border, and a high density polyethylene (HDPE) masking film for ideal protection. This system makes it easy for a single person to cover large areas quickly. tesa® 4309 is conformable and suitable for spray-painting applications that may require oven drying up to 248°F. The masking paper border ensures paint absorption at the area closest to the coating spot.  The HDPE film, treated to catch paint, protects against spray particles. Product Data Sheet

tesa® 4434

tesa® 4434 uses a strong, flat paper carrier with a natural rubber adhesive. Its adhesive is quick to stick and offers excellent plottability and paint anchorage. Considering its extreme resistance, tesa® 4434 is known for making an ideal protective layer for grinding in workshops, base pads during die-cutting in the shoe, leather, and metal-working industries. It’s also a great stencil material for sandblasting applications. Product Data Sheet
tesa® 4651

tesa® 4651

tesa® 4651 is an acrylic-coated cloth tape based on a 148-mesh woven rayon fabric backing with a natural rubber adhesive. It's a high quality and powerful tape that holds strong for most any application. Product Safety Data Sheet

tesa® 4848

tesa® 4848 is a transparent and environmentally friendly self-adhesive surface protection film made of polyethylene (PE) with an age-resistant acrylic adhesive. Considering its thinness and UV resistance of up to four weeks, tesa® 4848 can protect a versatile array of surfaces from dirt, many chemicals, moisture, and damage. This includes large areas of sensitive materials such as glass, eloxal, and various plastics. The film is easy to use and remove. Product Data Sheet

tesa® 50600

tesa® 50600 is a translucently green, high-temperature masking tape that features a silicone adhesive on a polyester (PET) carrier. These traits make it extremely heat-resistant up to 428°F for 30 minutes, all while easily removing in one, residue-free piece.  tesa® 50600 is also available with a special PET liner. Product Data Sheet
tesa® 51136 PV2

tesa® 51136 PV2

tesa® 51136 is an acrylic adhesive on a 100 µm self-adhesive polyethylene tape. It has high adhesion, making it great for rough surfaces and carpets. It's a translucent green, providing a contrast to dark surfaces, which allows easier and faster positioning. It's suitable for masking large areas of plastic parts during automotive painting and for protecting slightly structured surfaces. There's no special equiptment necessary for use, maintaining a simple, low-cost application and removal process. This tape is also easily disposable and environmentally friendly. Product Safety Data Sheet

tesa® 51408

tesa® 51408 is a flame retardant masking tape featuring a polyimide carrier with a silicone adhesive. Some of its standout features include chemical resistance and extremely high temperature resistance up to 599°F over the short term and 500°F continuous exposure. Product Data Sheet
tesa® 53315

tesa® 53315

tesa® 53315 is a filament tape backed by medium strength polyester and reinforced with fiberglass. It is shear resistant, non-straining, and has high tack and good aging properties while assuring clean removal from many substrates. Product Safety Data Sheet
tesa® 64007

tesa® 64007

tesa® 64007 is a carton-sealing tape available in yellow or blue. It's tamper evident and designed to avoid unnoticed opening and reclosure of boxes by leaving "OPENED" on the box in different languages, while remaining visible after re-closure. This is achieved through a complete carton fiber tear-out that helps reduce theft during transport and storage of carton boxes. Please contact our customer service department for an SDS sheet.