tesa® ACXplus7811

tesa® ACXplus 7811 is a black, double-sided, viscoelastic, acrylic foam tape. It’s cold-shock resistant, providing reliable bonds at extremely low temperatures. It absorbs and dissipates dynamic and static loads. Because of its viscoelasticity, and high UV and humidity resistance, it compensates for extreme physical distress caused by varying thermal elongation of bonded parts in changing temperatures.This tape also provides high bonding power on MSE clear coats, on plastics like ABS and chromed ABS, and on PC and PMMA.

Product Safety Data Sheet

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Common Applications

The tesa® ACXplus 7811 Black Line is suitable for a wide range of exterior attachment part mounting applications. To ensure the highest performance possible, our aim is to fully understand your application (including the substrates involved) in order to provide the right product recommendation.

Example applications are:

  • Protective trims like wheel arches and rocker panels
  • Decorative trims
  • Pillar appliques
  • Antennas
  • Emblems


  • Backing: foamed acrylic
  • Color: deep black
  • Total Thickness: 1100 µm or 1.1 mm
  • Adhesive Type: modified acrylic
  • Elongation at Break: 1400 %