tesa® 62936

tesa® 62936

tesa® 62936 is a double-sided PE foam tape with a tackified acrylic adhesive. It is UV, water, and age resistant. It has very good cold shock absorption and compensates for differing thermal expansion of various materials. tesa® 62936 has high immediate bonding strength and high immediate adhesion for a secure bonding performance. Product Safety Data Sheet
tesa® 64956

tesa® 64956

tesa® 64956 is a double-sided PE foam tape using a synthetic rubber adhesive. It has excellent immediate bonding strength and high bonding strength on uneven, rough, and low surface energy substrates. It can be used for both hand or automatic application. Product Safety Data Sheet
tesa® ACXplus7065

tesa® ACXplus 7065

tesa® ACXplus 7065 is a high-performance acrylic foam tape. The tape's black and characterized by it's bonding power, stress dissipation, high adhesion level, temperature resistance, and weather resistance. It's especially suitable for hard-to-bond surfaces like powder coatings, plastic materials, or metals. Product Safety Data Sheet
tesa® ACXplus7074

tesa® ACXplus 7074

tesa® ACXplus 7074 is a viscoelastic, foamed acrylic core tape. It has good temperature and cold shock resistance, making it great for outdoor bonding applications. It also compensates different thermal elongation of bonded parts. Product Safety Data Sheet
tesa® ACXplus7811

tesa® ACXplus 7811

tesa® ACXplus 7811 is a black, double-sided, viscoelastic, acrylic foam tape. It's cold-shock resistant, providing reliable bonds at extremely low temperatures. It absorbs and dissipates dynamic and static loads. Because of its viscoelasticity, and high UV and humidity resistance, it compensates for extreme physical distress caused by varying thermal elongation of bonded parts in changing temperatures.This tape also provides high bonding power on MSE clear coats, on plastics like ABS and chromed ABS, and on PC and PMMA. Product Safety Data Sheet