1) Tape Makes Your Production Process Faster 


In basically every way possible, tape makes your production more efficient. Here are just a few quick examples illustrating why that is.


  • Easy handling
  • Instant Usability 
  • Much cleaner overall
  • Minimal training required


Easy handling. Tape offers simple, flexible, and durable handling in comparison to glue. Glues often need special containers and tools to work properly. Tapes, on the other hand, are as simple as “peel and stick” sounds. 


Instant Usability. Where glues require time to dry into a bond strong enough to use, tapes give you immediate results without any such waiting periods. While tape adhesives build to full strength over 72 hours, they’re strong enough right off the roll to complete most applications.


Much cleaner overall. Tapes eliminate all cases of messy spills, dripping, and overflows. This results in fewer cleanups and therefore fewer instances where you must halt production. For the cleanest results that accelerate production speeds the fastest, have us die-cut your tapes to the exact sizes and shapes you need.


Minimal training required. Since tapes are so much easier to work with than glues, they require far less time spent on training your employees.


2) Tape Leaves Your Employees Healthier and Happier


In addition to improving your manufacturing rates, tapes also boost your workers’ morale in two essential ways:


  • Better working conditions
  • Healthier working environment


Better working conditions. Since tape is easier to handle, your employees can look forward to a smoother workday with less stressful glue-related tasks. Errant drips, accidental spills, excessive overflows can become watercooler stories of the old days. 


Healthier working environment. Glues expose your employees to far more harmful chemicals than they’d ever have to face with tape. Glues require solvents to keep them in a liquid state, and as they dry, those solvents evaporate and can be bad for your team to breathe in. The vast majority of the harmful stuff is already flashed off of tapes when they’re made, long before they arrive on your production floor. 


Plus with tape’s fewer cleanup needs, your employees have to deal with fewer harsh cleaning supplies. All around, you improve the lives of those working for and with you by using tape.


3) Tape Saves Your Business Money


Quite frankly, glues can’t hold a candle to what tapes can do for your ROIs. 


  • Less waste
  • Lower labor costs
  • Fewer equipment purchases


Less waste. With drips, spills, and oozing overflows as a thing of the past, you end up with fewer compromised products and a lot less wasted material. 


Lower labor costs. Since tape increases your production rates, that translates to better savings on labor costs. 


Fewer equipment purchases. Your business can spend less money on cleaning supplies and expensive adhesive delivery systems required for glue. 


4) Tape Improves Your Product’s Quality


  • Consistently even surfaces
  • Better durability
  • Seamless look


Consistently even surfaces. Where glues easily leave behind uneven coats and excessive dried residue, tapes offer consistent adhesive coverage. Plus, they can also even out uneven, rough, or irregular surfaces. 


Better durability. Tapes offer products way more protection than any other fastening methods. For example, glue spots create stress points. When tension is applied, it concentrates at these single points of stress, and the material breaks. Tapes, on the other hand, evenly spread out the tension across the entire surface of their bonded area. This is known in the industry as stress dissipation. 


Another buzzword in the world of tape is shock absorption. Tape provides a cushiony layer between the bonding surfaces that allows the product to absorb impacts better than dried glues. 


Then there’s also vibration damping or vibration fatigue. These simply mean tape can cancel out sounds and also protect against wear and tear caused by vibrations.  


Seamless look. While glues announce themselves with bond spots, tapes provide an invisibly sleek surface-to-surface bond. Have you noticed how smartphones, touchscreens, wearable devices, and computers seem to stay together by some imperceptible magic? That magic is simply tape. 


5) Tape Inspires Innovation


Tape is often the hidden driver behind new innovations. Here are a few jaw-dropping examples of what tape can do:


  • Free more space
  • Block or enhance light
  • Conduct heat & electricity
  • Shield heat & electromagnetic waves
  • Bond complex shapes, joints, & parts
  • Provide tamper-evident packaging seals 
  • Carry branding & other vital information


Free more space. Tapes can be made so thin that they can allow you more room to work with inside your product. That could include adding more hardware to improve your device’s capabilities. Or that could simply allow you to make a thinner, sleeker end product that your customers appreciate more than bulkier competing brands.


Block or enhance light. Tapes made of reflective materials can enhance LED performance without requiring adding more LEDs that end up producing more heat and needing more room. Also, tapes are what make possible privacy screens that block others around you from seeing what you can see looking directly at a device. Expect to see this privacy tech on airplanes soon because they provide a personal viewing experience without worrying about others (maybe children) seeing the content.


Conduct heat and electricity. Flexible circuit boards have become even more flexible thanks to tape. There are various new tapes arriving every year that make products more efficient transferring heat or transmitting electrical signals.


Shield heat and electromagnetic waves. Also, many applications require solutions for insulating certain components from heat or electromagnetic interference (EMI). For this reason, you find several tapes used as insulation, as well as for blocking EMIs from one computer to another. A single car made today has nearly 300 separate computers running all at once. To keep them from interfering with one another, tapes can shield them from one another. 


Bond complex shapes, joints, and parts. There are several joint types unsuitable for glues. However, with our custom capabilities, we can provide sheeted or die-cut tapes to essentially match any shape your project calls for. 


Provide tamper-evident packaging seals. As a deterrent from people going through your packages, you can find tapes that show if someone has opened your goods before arriving to you. 


Carry branding and other vital information. To wrap up these few examples of innovation, we have labels, graphics, decals, stickers, etc. You can use printable tapes to stick whatever message you need on your products. 



If any of these tape advantages catch your eye, feel free to send us a free quote request. We’re always here to help find you the precise tape solution you want. 



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