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Tape is such a fun thing to sell.  Why?  It can solve so many problems that are faced in the manufacturing of….just about anything!  That is where our passion for tape comes.  We enjoy looking at a particular situation and finding a tape that, when applied correctly, will save time, labor, and outperform most mechanical fasteners.

So, let’s talk about what tape can do for you.  Are you trying to get two or more types of surfaces or materials put together, but are tired of the appearance of a screw or rivet?  Are you tired of having to repair the same items over and over when the heads have been sheared off due to vibration or other trauma?  Do you spend too much time sewing those banners together?  Let’s look at some tape options.

Double sided tape can solve many, if not all, of these issues for you.  We have some very impressive double sided foams that can do wonders for the look of your product.  They are permanent, and as mentioned before, if applied properly will endure for years!  They offer incredible shear strength and will take a beating while your product is either being shipped or perhaps is DOING the shipping.

Our banner tapes are so easy to apply and will perform even in some of the harshest environments.  Whether you are concerned about wet weather, wind or that UV from a beating sun, we have a tape that will ease your mind and solve your problems.

Contact us and let us answer any and all of your questions regarding tape.

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