When it comes to producing industrial tapes, there are a lot of factors to consider beyond size, shape and the types of substrates the tape will be applied to. Depending on the application of the tape, you may need to consider environment, temperature, pressure, longevity, etc. What many people don’t realize is that there are tapes for almost any type of application. There are tapes that have so much holding power that metal has actually torn before the bond of the tape broke. There are even tapes out there that have a superior performance to mechanical fasteners. It’s all about choosing or developing the correct tape for your needs.

We have relationships with some of the world’s largest tape manufacturers, meaning we have access to the strongest and/or most permanent tapes in the world. We can source tapes for high or low surface energy surfaces and surfaces with many peaks and valleys. We can source tapes that create a strong bond immediately or tapes that strengthen their bond over time. And we have the equipment and skills to specially formulate and design adhesives specifically for your project. We can even create differential tapes with each side of the tape designed for a different substrate to ensure the best bonding for your specific application. No matter the tape, we can convert it to the size and shape you need.
If you’re looking for a solution, we can help you to choose or design a tape that would work best for your application. We can talk through the specifics of what you’re looking for and then walk with you through the process of finding or developing the correct tape to meet your needs. Our experience, connections in the tape and adhesive industry, and our ability to build custom machinery give us huge advantages when it comes to developing custom products. That means that no matter what you’re looking for, we can produce it for you. Just contact us to get started.