Whether it’s your first or fiftieth time placing a custom adhesive tape order, you may be wondering how we come up with our pricing. We talk a lot on our blog about ways we save your business money. Our excellent supplier relationships ensure the best pricing on our tape products. Our in-house engineers create custom machinery that increases our production efficiency and reduces waste. And our vast experience in custom adhesive tape converting has given us the knowledge required to create products that increase production efficiency and reduce waste in your business as well. There are many factors that go into pricing for your custom tape project. Below is a summary so you know exactly what to expect.


Tape Type


Each type of tape has a specific cost per square yard charged by the manufacturer. This is based on the cost of the materials used to create the tape. As a general rule, the stronger and/or more technical the tape, the more expensive it will be. Tapes that are newer to the market are also generally more expensive. The price per square yard can be drastically different between tapes and is the single biggest factor that makes up the final price of your product.




Every project we do requires labor. From quoting your order, to designing your product, to working with suppliers, to receiving the master log of tape and converting it down to your finished product specifications.  This includes anything special we are doing in the process like a custom width, length, die cut, embossing, liner printing, etc.




We have the ability to create many different packaging solutions. These include custom labels, clamshells, shrink wrap, sleeves, and printed bags. Our capabilities can go beyond this depending on the volume of your order. For large enough orders, we are able to develop any type of retail packaging you are interested in. Every type of packaging will have a cost associated with the materials as well as the time it takes to actually package your tape product.


We have an in-house design team that allows us to fulfill all of your design needs in one place. If you’re starting a new business or product line and need a logo, we have you covered. If you need labels designed for your product, we’ve got you covered. If your project requires die cutting, we can design the shape of the die in-house as well.


What You Don’t Pay For


At Walker Tape Converting we don’t have a sales team. That means we don’t have to charge you extra to pay someone to sell you on products they don’t understand. When you work with Walker Tape, you’re always working with a true product expert who knows our products inside and out and has years of experiences working with those products. That saves you money on your products initially, and it saves you money in the long-run because you’re not being sold products that aren’t right for your application. We’ve seen far too many businesses using tapes that weren’t right for their application just because a salesman talked them into it. Often, a salesman sold the company on a tape that was way overkill for their application because it had a bigger price tag, thus increasing their commission. You never have to worry about that at Walker Tape Converting.

When you work with Walker you’ll also receive free samples of your product. That’s right, you don’t have to pay to see if the tape works for you. We offer you free samples so you can have peace of mind before spending any money on a product that may not be right for you.



As you can see, there are many factors that go into quoting a custom tape project.  That’s why we like to gather as much information from you as possible to make sure we understand your needs completely and can give you the very best price.  If you have any questions about our quoting process, contact us today. We’re excited to work with you.