tesa® 4970


tesa® 4970 is a double-sided self adhesive tape with a PVC film backing and a tackified acrylic adhesive. The liner is yellow but the actual tape is white. It features high tack and immediate adhesion. It has a high coating weight, making it good for bonding to surfaces that are rough or dusty. This tape is ideal for long-term applications. It is suitable for mounting and bonding applications in basically any industry.


Common Applications


  • Mounting plastic and wooden trims
  • Mounting decorative point of sale materials and displays
  • Mounting signs and scales
  • Mounting and bonding in any industry




Backing: PVC Film

Color: White

Total Thickness: 8.85 mils

Adhesive Type: Tackified Acrylic

Elongation at Break: 20%

Tensile Strength: 21.69 lbs/in

Type of Liner: Glassine

Color of Liner: Brown

Thickness of Liner: 2.79 mils

Weight of Liner: 82 g/m²

Temperature Resistance Short Term: 70 °C

Temperature Resistance Long Term: 60 °C


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