tesa® 88125

tesa® 88125 is a transparent, water-based acrylic transfer tape. It is conformable to 3D shapes and offers high temperature and high shear performance. It has good die-cutting properties and was developed for lamination and coverting applications.

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Common Applications

Lamination of flexible substrates:

  • NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) and BSR (buzz, squeak, rattle) materials
  • Rubber materials for gaskets
  • Plastics or vinyls for label and tag applications
  • Decorative fabrics


  • Backing: none
  • Color: transparent
  • Total Thickness: 2.48 mils
  • Adhesive Type: water-based acrylic
  • Type of Liner: poly-coated paper
  • Color of Liner: white/blue logo
  • Thickness of Liner: 4.17 mils
  • Weight of Liner: 98 g/m²
  • Temperature Resistance Short Term: -40 °F
  • Temperature Resistance Long Term: 392 °F