Adhesive Tape Converting Made Faster, Easier, & Cleaner


Converting Made Faster


Thanks to our innovative capabilities, we can offer you some of the best lead times for a double-sided tape on a red film liner. This includes the entire ordering process from quotes, stock orders, and custom projects. 


Lead Times


For decades, we’ve been building a team with the experience needed to fill your requests quickly. Plus, as a converter ourselves, we understand how sluggish lead times can result in lost business. When you send us a free request, we get back to you with a quote within a day or two. 


We also offer the following shipping guarantees with your production process in mind:


  • We send stock orders under $3,000 out by the next business day, or we pay shipping.
  • We send stock orders of $3,000 or more out within five business days, or we pay shipping.


(Note: During this health crisis, we’ve temporarily paused our shipping guarantees for the safety of our team members and customers.)


Looking for custom widths and lengths? All our 3M™ Adhesive Tape 9088R is made here in the USA. So, we can have your custom project quoted, converted, and shipped to you in a matter of weeks. 


Production Rates


With our 3M™ Adhesive Tape 9088R, you get the processing benefits of working with its red film liner. These benefits include smoother die-cutting and far less time and money spent on cleanup.


Smoother Die-Cutting: Its red film liner allows you to die-cut much faster. For example, you can die-cut our 3M™ Adhesive Tape 9088R at twice the speed on rotary machines than other liner options.


Less Time on Cleanups: Where other liners may cause material to build up on blades, the red film liner runs clean without this “snowing” effect. Also, using a film liner eliminates delamination issues (see Cleaner section below) as well.


What This Means to Your Customers


With 3M™ Adhesive Tape 9088R by Walker Tape Converting, you can offer the businesses you work with an improved production process. 


Converting Made Easier


Our 3M™ Adhesive Tape 9088R offers several benefits that make it easy to use on the floor. Some of these benefits include lay-flat performance, resilience to damage, easy liner removal, and reliable laser registration.  


Lay-Flat Performance: The adhesive’s ability to lay flat offers smooth surfaces with consistent coverage. The result is an easy process with fewer hiccups and a high-quality converted product. 


Resilience to Damage: The film liner offers the tape protection during transit and in production from possible damage. Plus, it also protects the tape when exposed to humidity.


Easy Liner Removal: In cases of small nicks and scrapes, the liner still peels nicely and is resistant to tearing.


Reliable Laser Registration: Some liner types can be tricky for machines to register. However, these machines pick up our tape with its red film liner easily. 


What This Means to Your Customers


A tape that’s easier to work with leaves less room for mistakes, ensuring a consistently high-quality product.


Converting Made Cleaner


Like mentioned above, one way that makes this tape faster and easier to work with is its clean production benefits. It offers debris-free and delamination-free performance. It also uses a solventless, low-odor formula.


Debris-Free Performance: Other liner material can build up on a blade. This effect is known as “snowing.” The buildup then can flake off into the tape, leading to wasted or lower-quality product. The great thing about film liners is that they run clean without any “snowing.” Working with our film liner, gives you the general-purpose, double-sided tape you need that’s cleaner to slit rolls with. 


Delamination-Free performance: On different liner types, adhesive may separate from the carrier and stick to the liner instead. During production, this delamination can compromise the tape’s ultimate performance. If you’re facing these issues with your current go-to general-purpose tape, try using our 3M™ Adhesive Tape 9088R. It offers you peace of mind with delamination-free production.


Solventless, Low-Odor Formula: Like our name suggests, we’ve collaborated with 3M to offer this tape. One of the results of this partnership is a solventless adhesive that’s healthier for your employees and your customers to work with.


What This Means to Your Customers


You can offer your customers a consistently clean, healthier, high-performance product.


Bottom Line: The Best Value for a General-Purpose, Double-Sided Tape on a Red Film Liner


Our 3M™ Adhesive Tape 9088R offers you all of the converting benefits mentioned above at the best price. Its high performance is competitive with any general-purpose, red-liner tape on the market. 


Want to check out what our new tape offers your customers? Here’s another blog post we’ve put together that dives into these customer-focused performance benefits. 


Plus, learn more about its specs and features on our product page. From this same page, you can conveniently request a free sample today.


9088R Converter Infographic


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