When it comes to producing athletic tapes, there are many factors to consider. Tapes that are applied to human skin must deal with ever-changing temperature and moisture conditions. Tapes that are applied to fabrics must be carefully designed to remove with very little residue so they do not ruin the clothing they’re attached to. We’ve been creating tapes for the athletic industry for more than a decade. We understand the special conditions athletic tapes go through and understand how to create tapes that perform under those challenging conditions. Some common tapes used in this industry include:


  • General athletic cloth tape for preventing and protecting injuries
  • Kinesiology tape for stabilizing and increasing blood flow
  • Grip tapes for golf, tennis, racket ball, lacrosse, hockey, etc.
  • Friction tapes for surfboards and skateboards
  • Marking tapes for gym floors
  • Mounting tapes for signage
  • Basketball hoop backboard construction
  • No-sew tapes for athletic clothing
  • Mounting and bonding tapes for athletic equipment construction


We have relationships with some of the world’s largest tape manufacturers, meaning we have access to almost every tape that exists. We can source everything from kinesiology tapes to general athletic tape to tapes that will hold race bibs in place without safety pins. No matter the application, we can find a tape to match. We also have the capabilities to convert your tape into the sizes or shapes that will work best for your application.


If you’re looking for a truly customized tape solutions for your athletic tape needs, look no further than Walker Tape.


Below you’ll find the brands we are already producing products for. If you’re looking for a quick project with products that have already gone through the research and development phase, we can private label any of these products for your business.